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These newspaper sermons were syndicated worldwide in as many as 4, newspapers, eventually reaching an estimated readership of some 15 million in the United States and Canada. They conducted a debate in successive issues of the journal from early to mid He initially taught that Armageddon had begun inwhich would culminate in worldwide anarchy and the overthrow of all political rulership in at the conclusion of the "times of the Gentiles", but by began to teach that Armageddon would instead begin in But he lived to see the failure of various dates he had predicted for the Rapture, and finally died on October 31,more than two years after the world was supposed to have ended, according to his calculations, in early October, Franz also inherited an organization troubled by discontent over the obvious failure of his prophecies of the world's end in the autumn of Much the same can be expected when JWs of a new generation inherit the positions currently occupied by Milton Henschel and his fellow elderly Governing Body members.

Hundreds of the estimated 10, U. He also taught that Christians making up thewould join Christ as a "joint heir" and assistant mediator during the millennium.

Thus he used a loophole in their appointment to unseat the majority of the Watch Tower directors without calling a membership vote. The 7-member board of directors of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania had previously been portrayed as fulfilling this role, but in an expanded Governing Body was created with a total of eleven members, including the seven Directors.

Russell's ideas, particularly stressing the imminence of the rapture and the second advent of Christ, were rejected both times.

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They buried Russell beneath a headstone identifying him as "the Laodicean Messenger," and erected next to his grave a massive stone pyramid emblazoned with the cross and crown symbol he was fond of and the name "Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. It was the first major screenplay to incorporate synchronized sound, moving film, and color slides.

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History of Jehovah's Witnesses