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Though this is a satire, Swift has a good point about eating children. The bottleneck effect of people was so dreadful that all the Catholic families of Dublin were not able to support their own children.

By definition situational irony happens when the final outcome is opposing to what was expected. This proposal is anything but modest but the title goes with the essay.

He makes a wild and absurd proposal to help remedy the problems of overpopulation and poverty.

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Showing the despair of immigrants will besides do American citizens more thankful. Many readers at the time rejected the essay because they failed to understand the irony. Jonathan Swift, an eighteenth century comedian and writer, composed the exposition "A Modest Proposal" as a mocking approach to indicate individuals that they have not concocted pertinent or working plans to understand social issues, for example, fetus removal, overpopulation, and neediness. I believed that Swift added cannibalizing children to the subject matter to give his proposal a more profound and eye-opening effect, but my readings further piqued my interests on the topic. He wrote this essay to show how undeveloped and bad the state of Ireland is and the social classes. Swift was a fervent Irish patriot who was disgusted by the flourishing trend of beggars and hungry children that flooded the streets of his beloved country. Challenges may change from a canoe race across the Delaware. In his essay, Swift utilizes some of the overlooked pamphlets during this period and develops an ironic proposal.

The proposal starts off by discussing the extreme poverty that has taken over Ireland and explains that no one will make changes and England is of no help. Swifts explains that families who cannot provide food to their children and provide an economical future, should just sell their children as food.

The narrator is a very ironic character. His satirical proposal to control the population of homeless children stirred a debate on the morality of his proposal.

In order to do this Swift creates an alter ego Essay on Swift?

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This topic is relatable as this is a social issue that plagues many countries in the present age. Swift's proposal is an attempt to suggest a remedy of Ireland's situation by shocking those who are powerful enough to inflict change on Ireland's appalling circumstances.

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This approval is frequently overlooked by those citizens who have grown up with such autonomy all their lives.

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