Advantages and disadvantages of internet communication essay

The researchers had to confine themselves in Libraries to do research to prove their hypothesis. Therefore, beware of internet because it has a lot of harm to human life. Internet offers a lot of information from every branch of knowledge, so you can find everything for your schoolwork or job there, or just find more about your hobbies.

There are many facilities on the internet helps us to communicate each other such as E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and others.

conclusion of internet essay

Connectivity and Group Study: Group study is quite helpful for education. In the of Education In the spread of Education and awareness, Internet is extremely crucial like e learning, live classes, online video, audio and visual study resources, access to world class digital libraries 2.

Users' personal information such as name, address, credit card, bank details and other information can be accessed by culprits when used on the Internet, resulting in big economic loss.

The Internet's drawbacks cannot be overlooked any more as so many teenagers are suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder and so many women has become online shopaholics. Therefore, only the regular monitoring of Internet usage of children by parents, can only make them secure.

Secondly, several companies from the more developed countries have already ventured to establish foreign operations or branches to take advantage of the low cost of labor in the poorer countries. Sexual Health Issues: The excessive use of Internet and porn addiction has been pushing our younger generation to sexual health issues.

It was completely manual. Otherwise except for some minor grammatical errors it is a very nice work. Especially, young adults and children are badly involved in it.

Cost effective It is so cheap to send an email to another country than making a phone call.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet For Students, Individuals & Society