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Lincoln was born in in Kentucky. These events led to the change of America lives socially, economically, and politically.

american history since 1865 essay writer

Last, the discovery of a method for transmitting electricity helped to light up our daily lives. The main goal of the Reconstruction was to rebuild a devasted South after the abolition of slavery, disruptions of the economy due to the war, and the tremendous amounts of deaths left it in near ruins Tindell.

It is argued that the slave trade had important economic, social and cultural consequences in the New World. Samples Essay on American History — Present The period of Reconstruction can be characterized by considerable changes in political and social life of the country.

Although the book is entertaining and informative, the reviewer criticizes Bowers for lack of scholarship, use of speculative and unsubstantiated claims, failure to address the "Big Picture," and having too much of a personal interest in the topic.

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