An argument in favor of homeophatic medicines in treating illnesses

homeopathic medicine list with disease

Controlled studies tend to show that outcomes for people who receive homeopathic treatments are indistinguishable from those of people who receive placebos, Ernst wrote in the July 14 issue of the BMJ.

I encourage everyone and anyone who is seriously interested in the science and art of real healing to explore what homeopathic medicine has to offer.

Evidence that homeopathy works

The results of our meta-analysis are not compatible with the hypothesis that the clinical effects of homeopathy are completely due to placebo. Despite the problems in comparing conventional medical research and homeopathic research, let's assume that the two groups of studies ARE comparable. In , the U. The FDA allows homeopathic products that meet certain conditions to be marketed without agency preapproval. British Journal of Homeopathy. Forschende Komplementarmedezin. Similarly, four double-blind placebo controlled trials has shown benefit from the homeopathic medicine, Oscillococcinum, in the treatment of influenza. The theory of miasms has been criticized as an explanation developed by Hahnemann to preserve the system of homeopathy in the face of treatment failures, and for being inadequate to cover the many hundreds of sorts of diseases, as well as for failing to explain disease predispositions, as well as genetics , environmental factors, and the unique disease history of each patient. And the meaning was that homeopathy is a load of wind. Mike, Birkenhead Homeopathy does work. However, even this tepid conclusion did not stand up to further analysis, which revealed that this apparent effect was an illusion created by the inclusion of poor quality studies with inadequate controls for bias in the initial review. Preparations at concentrations below 4X are considered an important part of homeopathic heritage. Br J Clin Pharmacol. The best this supposedly positive review could say was that while homeopathy did not appear effective for any specific medical problem, it looked like it might have some effects beyond that of a placebo. Zicam also listed several normal homeopathic potencies as "inactive ingredients", including galphimia glauca, [] histamine dihydrochloride homeopathic name, histaminum hydrochloricum , [] luffa operculata , [] and sulfur.

Because many skeptics of homeopathy today indulge in spreading misinformation about homeopathy, this blog is addressed at setting the record straight and is packed with references to confirm the veracity of what is being asserted here.

Homeopathy ;99 1 — Zanni is a psychologist and health systems consultant based in Alexandria, Virginia. I got all possible allopathic treatment but to no avail.

Homeopathic treatment

Higher dilutions follow the same pattern. Those who have faith in it, and those that sell it. France has long had a stronger belief in the virtues of homeopathic drugs than many other countries and the world's biggest manufacturer of alternative medicine drugs, Boiron , is located in that country. Les Killip, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside No properly conducted study has yet produced convincing evidence that it has any more value than a placebo. These ice-crystals remain stable at high temperatures and are maintained by electromagnetic energy, their structure being unique to the substance which was dissolved. If these fail to relieve then visit a homeopath. Such as deadly nightshade for cold and flu, or poison ivy for rashes.

It is suitable for persons of all age groups. Homeopathic preparations are referred to as "homeopathics" [11] or "remedies".

An argument in favor of homeophatic medicines in treating illnesses

Still, because there isn't any active substance present in homeopathic treatments, they are unlikely to cause serious harm, Ernst said. Well articulated. A lot of people today are confused about what homeopathy is and isn't , and this situation is not helped by the skeptics of homeopathy who go to incredible extents to exaggerate and misconstrue what homeopathic medicine is and who commonly provide misinformation about it. British Journal of Homeopathy. If homeopathy only works for medicines, then an alternative explanation than water memory needs to be found. Their plus point is their minimal or nil side effects. A systematic review of the quality of homeopathic pathogenetic trials published in the United Kingdom from to The conclusion is that homeopathy is both efficatious and cost effective Bornhoft and Matthiessen, There are many medical practices such as acupuncture that we don't understand the mechanism for, but they clearly work even for analgesia in operations. The "American Technologies Group" does not appear to publish its results in standard scientific journals, and the supposed explanations regarding "electromagnetic energy" and the like use scientific parlance in an essentially meaningless way. Bottom line. These medicines are inexpensive, when compared to allopathic and ayurvedic drugs and thus are very much affordable. One of these studies was published in Pediatrics, 29 and another study was published in another highly respected pediatric medical journal. It is concluded that the best clinical evidence for homeopathy available to date does not warrant positive recommendations for its use in clinical practice.

And conveniently enough, the researchers asserted that one of the large trials testing homeopathic medicines in the treatment of patients with polyarthritis arthritis in multiple joints did not have a comparable trial they actually asserted with complete seriousness that there has never been a study of patients with this common malady, and rather than admit that this large trial of patients which showed significant efficacy of treatment, they simply threw out the trial from their evaluation.

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Homeopathy: Assessing Your Patients' Understanding