An introduction to the literary analysis of the wretched of the earth by fanon

Decolonization never goes unnoticed, for it focuses on and fundamentally alters being, and transforms the spectator crushed to a nonessential state into a privileged actor, captured in a virtually grandiose fashion by the spotlight of History.

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In the other sector, the colonized subject lies coiled and robbed, and fuels as best he can the spiral which moves seamlessly from the shores of the colony to the palaces and docks of the metropolis. To dislocate the colonial world does not mean that once the borders have been eliminated there will be a right of way between the two sectors. The colonized know all that and roar with laughter every time they hear themselves called an animal by the other. Whether it be in the djemaas of North Africa or the palavers of West Africa, tradition has it that disputes which break out in a village are worked out in public. On the other hand, when he operates among the people he is constantly awestruck. Related Books. The decline of yellow fever and the advances made by evangelizing form part of the same balance sheet. But triumphant reports by the missions in fact tell us how deep the seeds of alienation have been sown among the colonized. By this I mean collective self-criticism with a touch of humor because everyone is relaxed, because in the end we all want the same thing. In capitalist societies, education, whether secular or religious, the teaching of moral reflexes handed down from father to son, the exemplary integrity of workers decorated after fifty years of loyal and faithful service, the fostering of love for harmony and wisdom, those aesthetic forms of respect for the status quo, instill in the exploited a mood of submission and inhibition which considerably eases the task of the agents of law and order. For the people, only fellow nationals are ever owed the truth.

He turns into a kind of mimic man who nods his assent to every word by the people, transformed by him into an arbiter of truth. If you have lived with hope longer than without, you don't understand.

They are protected by solid shoes in a sector where the streets are clean and smooth, without a pothole, without a stone.

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But during the struggle for liberation, when the colonized intellectual touches base again with his people, this artificial sentinel is smashed to smithereens.

A world compartmentalized, Manichaean and petrified, a world of statues: the statue of the general who led the conquest, the statue of the engineer who built the bridge.

With his back to the wall, the knife at his throat, or to be more exact the electrode on his genitals, the colonized subject is bound to stop telling stories.

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No absolute truth, no discourse on the transparency of the soul can erode this position.

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Frantz Fanon's The Wretched Of The Earth: Summary & Analysis