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Sometimes we say that writing Chinese is like drawing pictures. In the book, Xu Shen illustrated the four methods to create Chinese characters, i.

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Therefore, it can be said that Chinese writing reached its maturity at this time until the 20th century. Zhou, then in his 60s, was sent to work at a labour camp in faraway Ningxia for more than two years, separated from his wife and son.

From the unearthed characters from archaeological excavations, they found that the Chinese character system was first formed in the central plains, and the first matured characters appeared in the Shang dynasty BC.

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A sheep or goat is recognizable from its horns. Nowadays, most Koreans write mostly in hangul. The following chart compares different Chinese characters in various forms throughout time.

For each ancestor there were multiple divinations.

simplified chinese characters

The Pinyin system was introduced in and was approved by the State Council in as the standard system for the romanization of Chinese personal and geographic names. Regular Script is considered as the standard script for handwriting.

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Another way to attach extra signs is to use their phonetic values to distinguish signs that have similar meaning but vastly different pronunciations. The following chart compares different Chinese characters in various forms throughout time. The script quickly declined after the destruction of the Tangut Empire by Genghis Khan, the last inscription dating from the 16th century. By the mids, however, the use of pinyin was not as widespread as the use of putonghua. The phonetics over the centuries have changed and recognizing the phonetic part is not a totally reliable guide to pronunciation. It is also used to write a few other languages such as Sikkimese and Ladakhi, but if you see it, you're probably looking at Tibetan. Afterward, Chinese characters underwent many changes. The abbreviation of characters helps saving the engergy of the wrist when writing long texts. The following chart illustrates some examples of signs used to represent multiple words. The Khitan script, as well as the Khitan language and people, faded into history after having been absorbed into the Mongolian empire.
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