Anti ragging committee constitution

Savita Manchekar said that we can conduct sessions and activities to curtail ragging.

anti ragging committee in nursing college

Vilas Bhosle ,Inspector Dindoshi Police station introduced himself. Introduction[ edit ] In Sri Lanka inception of ragging can be pleasant at first, hence the name 'Mal Samaya'.

It consists of an email id and a hour toll-free number. These aliases are used primarily as a means of preventing the university authorities identifying the students who are involved in ragging and other unlawful activities.

Vilas Bhosle inspector, Dindoshi Police station. Parents should be informed about Anti ragging committee and its functioning in the Parents- teachers meeting. Tezpur University has been taking strong and effective measures against ragging on the campus.

Anti ragging committee in nursing college

Provision for anonymous complaints was considered of utmost important at the time of establishment of the helpline, since the victim after making the complaint remains with or close to the culprits, away from a fully secure environment. Report of Ragging has also ruined countless innocent lives and careers. Vilas Bhosle inspector, Dindoshi Police station. But, only complaints were registered in this period. In many a cases though, it forwarded the complaint to the University Grants Commission UGC for an action against those colleges which refused to take any action against the culprits. He was flooded with querie by students about the issues related to ragging. Junior College, Borivali East Student-teachers performed role play, conducted discussions and provided valuable information through power point presentation and charts.

Several voluntary organisations have emerged, who conduct drives for public awareness and arrange for support to victims. During this time, seniors assign an abusive and demeaning nickname, known as card, to the juniors and they have to be called by that name throughout their entire university life.

Ed students. The Raghavan committee has placed its recommendation to the Hon'ble Supreme Court, which has given its order on the issue. Contact numbers of the University officers are also displayed in different prominent places to report immediately in case of any incident of ragging.

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Anti Ragging Committee