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The changes in these relationships have major repercussions on the themes of family and madness.

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Considering she's part of the problem, he can't go to her for support, guidance, or comfort when trying to deal with Claudius and make good on his promise of revenge. He purposely uses her, the woman he loves, as his primary way of putting on his act of madness. Though Claudius was killed as Ghost Hamlet had asked, his other wishes had not been fulfilled. In either case, this madness can be traced back to Hamlet's relationships with Gertrude and Claudius. She's a good daughter to Polonius and does what he says, even though it hurts her to make Hamlet upset. Following the unhinged manner in which she acts in front of the king and queen, it's not much of a surprise to discover that Ophelia has committed suicide. When Hamlet discovers she has killed herself, he realizes his actions must have caused this. In a well-written essay, analyze how a character's relationship to a family member or members, or a character's understanding of family, functions in the work, and what it shows about the characters and themes of the work as a whole. He thinks it's wrong and that it will automatically send him to hell, so he refuses to do it for the ghost. You will hand in a hardcopy the old-fashioned, printed copy and upload the paper to turnitin. Then, attempt to explain why he acts as he does. And again, since Ophelia's death can ultimately be traced back all the way to Hamlet's relationship with Claudius, it's fair to say this is another example of that relationship emphasizing the theme of madness in the play.

He's not a fan of his uncle so he doesn't want him to be king. The nature of betrayal became both an internal and external conflict that affected many characters in the end.

When Hamlet kills Polonius, this is one moment where his act might possibly have given way to true madness.

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This is why Hamlet is depressed at the start of the play. If it had come out of nowhere, it might have been harder for anyone to buy into.

He's beside himself with anger and grief, but he still feels he needs to determine if the ghost is telling the truth.

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Her madness later takes the ultimate toll on her, as her drowning in the river is presumed a suicide. Hamlet doesn't mean to kill Polonius, but it's a moment that most closely represents his act descending into real madness.

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She speaks a lot of nonsense to the king and queen, and shortly later, we find out that she's dead of an apparent suicide. This is also the moment when he hears a noise from behind the arras and, believing it's Claudius, Hamlet finally attempts to take his vengeance in a fit of rage.

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