Chap 1 challenging questions

You can "think" a change. You may well think of it in a different way. Suppose you apply this idea to a number of different problem-solving areas. Closed-source software does not make the source code available and generally is not free to download, copy, and distribute.

When a problem is represented with a computer, we call this a computer model or a computer representation of the problem.

They are telling you what to do and they are pressuring you to do it. Think about some general problem-solving idea that you know of that is useful in lots of different settings.

the giver chapter 1 discussion questions

You can get feedback from a coach, a teacher, or a colleague. You did not have to reinvent this number system; it was taught to you when you were a child.

You can form a mental model of the two rooms.

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Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 Maths Chapter 2