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One of the women she describes is Irene, the protagonist, who keeps her Black identity and passes when she needs access to resources she deserves. Furthermore, Larsen points to the consequences of the standard image of motherhood which leaves marks not only on Helga's body but also on her psyche.

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Johnson — calculated thatblacks had passed between and For Larsen's heroine Clare, passing is not only an opportunity "to completely reinvent herself" Calloway by leaving her complicated childhood behind, but she is able to use her appearance of whiteness effectively.

Gainor, J. Irene and Clare resume their childhood companionship, and Clare frequently visits Irene's home. We're the ones who must have children if the race is to get anywhere.

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The writers didn't want to repeat the experience of women's oppression, especially African-American women. I argue that the female passing figure also has important repercussions for maternal discourses of the s.

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