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With that being said it must be stated that in the entire public service no written policy on the re-enlistment of persons exists, however; there are several precedents that has been set hence, the legitimate expectations of police officers Administrative and constitutional law differs in their scope and purpose, constitutional law plays a large part in administrative law.

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The Rule of Law is simply a fundamental principle of our constitution. InConstantine issued a law permanently binding the colony to their estates. The audi alteram partem rule seeks to promote objective and informed decisions. Answer: It is not possible to formulate a simple and clear-cut statement of the rule of law as a broad political doctrine because as the needs of national and international communities change, so People learn to recognize deviant behavior and decide that it should be dealt with in some form of punishment.

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The topic is significant as it examines the rule of law. For example, they were both discovered by their leaders in similar ways, but differed in their approach to justice and morality. Though they are separate institutions, they work closely together and their functions tend to overlap hence Stare Decisis which means let the decision stand There are no perfect fixes in life and with that said administrative discretion has some abuses, controversies and remedies, yet it is still necessary With the emergence of new laws and social movements, being a police officer is no easy task.

There are three core elements to help maintain and achieve the goals of administrative law and they are lawfulness, rationality and fairness This means that some provinces or states are accorded a substantial measure of constitutional or legal sovereignty, although they still remain subordinates of the central government in certain constitutional or legal respects.

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