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Conclusion General idea It can be difficult to know how to write a persuasive essay involving prison. However, King intuitively understood that there could be no social justice without economic justice because the persistence of economic inequality e.

In the s, convicted defendants became more likely to serve prison time.

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It has never worked. The offenses that lead to their commitment in a criminal facility, in the majority of cases, derive from symptoms of their mental illness instead of deviant behavior Mass incarceration amongst African Americans has had a catastrophic impact on families and communities and continues to create a cycle of discrimination, which makes its nearly impossible as a race to progress.

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Under the current prison system, many offenders of nonviolent crimes are getting much longer sentences than actually necessary To the extent that it intervenes in an ongoing public debate about prisons, it does so by providing space for prisoners themselves to enter the discussion.

A number of studies also find that the crime-reducing effects of incarceration become smaller as the incarceration rate grows, although this may reflect the aging of prison populations. As previously mentioned, incarceration often leads to poor mental health, which when combined with the conditions of confinement significantly raises the rates of suicide and self-harm for incarcerated youth Mace et al.

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In the s and s, a changed political climate provided the context for a series of policy choices. After all, there are always exceptions to every rule. The mass incarceration in America has put United States in the map of countries that have the highest number of people incarcerated in the world. The pervasiveness of imprisonment among men with very little schooling is historically unprecedented, emerging only in the past two decades. Yet looking at what prisons are giving inmates today, it seems that this definition is not being upheld. According to US census reports the prisoners are counted as inhabitants of the towns that they have been imprisoned in and not residents of their villages. Although the United States population only accounts for about 4. It affected policing and most importantly the American minority people.
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