Eulogy for romeo essay

romeo and juliet eulogy for tybalt

This piece is a representation of the idea that teenagers cannot fall in love from the perspective of an adult who was not present in the personal lives of the children. They fell in love at the first glance. Romeo was always a persistent young man; sometimes impulsive and irrational but always determined and caring.

She was born 13 short years ago into the house of Capulet.

Eulogy for romeo essay

Not only succeeded he in what we had not been able to do for centuries — loving our enemy — but he also managed to make it very clear to us that blind disdain only leads to loss and grief. This means that if he is not stable and constant Juliet may become inconstant herself. May he be remembered as a brave and successful young man and never to be forgotten? Thanks you all for being here and staying strong. She has had her ups and downs with her families. Eulogy: Romeo Citizens of fair Verona, today we gather here to grieve the loss of a precious child of God. These two emotions are common going all the way back to the beginning of time. I first knew Romeo as a little boy, born into a family in a harsh, long-lasting feud with the Capulet household. To honour you, your death and your love, we, the houses of Capulet and Montague henceforth pledge to form closer ties and advocate friendship rather than violence. Romeo Montague, a young man who was like a son to me has passed away due to a series of misfortunate events.

Their love was star-crossed from the beginning, but always pure. We will never forget Romeo Montague. Romeo turned out to be a polite, kind, and caring young man. She was born almost 14 short years ago into the house of Capulet.

Romeo and juliet eulogy for juliet from the nurse

But not farewell To all my fondest thoughts of Thee; Within my heart they still shall dwell And they shall cheer and comfort me. There, I taught him how to act properly, how to treat everyone fairly and with equality and how to live life in peace. For both our families were still caught in the ruthless family feud whereof the cause has submerged in oblivion centuries ago, the Capulets demanded for his execution. His attitude towards love was so idealistic that he was not solely driven by sexual desire but rather by real devotion and affection to the one person you only meet once in a lifetime — in his case Juliet. Thus with a kiss I die. Romeo Montague, a young man who was like a son to me, has sadly passed this realm. Today we have celebrated the life of a beautiful young woman. He is not at all interested in violence.

May you rest in peace, sweet Juliet. In desperation we devised a plan.

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Romeo was a very persistent but he was always determined and a caring and I knew him for that. Romeo lived not only an extraordinary life but also a lonely one. He was also a very solitary young man; he would rather take walks through the sycamore trees than run around with his friends. He also tells Romeo that women may fall when there is no strength in men. Upon his death, Romeo took to the sword and slew Tybalt who had ignited the fighting. Romeo was known for being an affectionate boy, who in most cases tried to avoid violence and stay away from young men who were seeking a fight. It seemed fate had already made up its mind, because every attempt I made to help, ultimately lead to the demise of the two lovers. He helps me to appreciate the little things in life, and I am very thankful to have been blessed enough to have been so close to him. Before long, Romeo returned to me to give me the words he was in love once again. To honour you, we will erect golden statues in Verona so that even future generations will remember you. Given the sacrifices of Juliet, we all hope that the hatred and violence between her house and the house of her lover, Romeo of the Montague family will end permanently. At the very same time Lady Capulet had given birth to her beautiful daughter, Juliet. As Romeo grew older, I served as a mentor to him. I first knew Romeo as a little boy, born into a society that was engrossed in hatred. His parents did not have the time or energy to look after him and show him the attention he deserved.

As we farewell thee, sweet Juliet, let me recite a poem in memory of you. However, this passion would ultimately lead to the tragedy that cost this young man his life. It seemed fate had already made up its mind, because every attempt I made to help, ultimately lead to the demise of the two lovers.

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Our feud and our expectations forbid them from having chance to be together.

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"Romeo and Juliet": A Eulogy for Juliet by the priest