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This interactive analysis is conducted to examine the patterns of behavior during familial interactions to determine dysfunctional behavior that challenge family cohesiveness.

Just like any other units, a family is a unit that has its healthy and unhealthy habits.

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Families face two kinds of problems. While people above 60 were rare, they had an extreme sense of self, and were free from societal emotional control and did not control others. The nuclear family emotional process are influence by four factors; emotional reactivity, cutoff, fusion, and I position Gladding, There are so many different situation that fall under this projection umbrella. In he started to hospitalize the entire family of the sick schizophrenic person. The Multigenerational Transmission Process This process entails the way family emotional processes are transferred and maintained over generations. Moreover, the systems theory played a vital role in helping assessing the family accurately. Moving forward I have been able to connect many situations during my practicum experience to this theory as well. By having one person within the triangle take a stand on an issue, that is not agreed upon by the other two people in the triangle. Triangles play an important role in family systems as well as in therapy. From our families we learn communication skills, emotions and how to form relationships. The transitions for example from adolescence to adulthood are smooth and supported by the wider family. Societies go through progressions and regressions constantly. According to Smith and Hamon , a family is composed of many members who have their own roles and expectations, and when those roles or expectations are broken, families experience difficulties

A family can be simply defined as a group of people who are related to each other and live together in the same household. There are connections between the different generations in the family and also to the extended family.

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Though these two theories have merit, one I found to be more advantageous in gaining a better understanding of the family as an actively metastasizing organism, which needs to be approached more adaptively An example I found of this was a child whose parents were focusing on what was wrong with his so much that he started to rebel.

The outsiders are trying to get in and the insiders are trying to get out. The second concept is, Nuclear Family Emotional System which is based on four basic relationship patterns.

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Some people seek distance either by moving away physically or emotionally using silence, diversion or avoidance of difficult and hurtful topics. The third person or party brings unity and creates continuity in warring situation.

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None of the grandparents have worked since they arrived from Cuba. Fogarty developed experiments for use with emotional pursuers and distancers lartin-drake. This is an significant theoretical approach within group counseling and therapy. For example when a couple have an argument, afterwards, one of the partners may call their friend to talk about the fight. However, the interaction patterns that show up in families can find some context and clarity for a therapist who knows systems theory. Differentiation of Self The first concept is Differentiation of Self, or the ability to separate feelings and thoughts. It focuses on the role and impact of the person 's original family to identify negative patterns. Bowenian therapy is a process of active inquiry in which the therapist helps family members get past blaming and fault finding in order to face their own roles in family problems. Below I will provide an overview of each concept. In he started working with families with less severe problems. Techniques that are most prominent in the practice of Bowenian family systems therapy.
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Family Systems Theory Essay