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Almost all research in forensic psychology can be considered ethnocentric as it is only relevant to the culture where the research was carried out.

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Their actions are premeditated and planned, they are likely to bring weapons and restraints to the scene. This theory shifted the emphasis away from biology and eugenics arguments for criminality.

It could be that relatively few criminals are responsible for the majority of crime in an area. Clinton Field found that for maximum affect the rewards and frequency of them, needed to be individually tailored to the inmate.

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Some Digital Forensic Examiners question the actual need to create contemporaneous notes, or at least the type of contemporaneous notes that most police officers have been taught how to record. They are also expected to keep their notes should a person complain or question police actions days, months, or even years after the fact. They represent the best recollection of what you witnessed. The aim should be for offenders to leave prison fully reformed and ready to take on the role of a productive and law-abiding citizen. Contemporaneous Notes are notes made at the time or shortly after an event occurs. Suicide rates are generally 15 times higher than in society in general. But, all staff must implement them consistently if they are to work. The therapist will deliberately provoke them to see how they react. Stuart answers why notes need to be contemporaneous and why integrity of the notes is vital.

However, Farrington reviewed several studies and only found evidence of prisoners scoring higher on measures of psychoticism.

AO3 This theory does not account for individual differences.

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Modifying contemporaneous notes would be an example of witness impeachment. Lombroso did also champion the use of the scientific method by using an evidence based approach to research, doing hundreds of observations and measurements.

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AO3 Anger management is an eclectic approach it uses a cognitive approach in stage 1, behavioral in stage 2 and social in stage 3. When making contemporaneous notes, only pen should be used and preferably black ink as this is less likely to fade over time and is legible when photocopied. It is tough for the offender they have to listen to the impact of their crimes on the victim and take full responsibility for their actions. Prisons are very regimented and prisoners have to conform to strict rules and regulations. Although, family influence is undeniably a factor in criminality; individuals with delinquent parents or siblings are much more likely to turn to crime. Refer to evidence in your answer 16 marks Section 5: Dealing with Offender behavior In the UK prison population is 86,, despite having an official capacity of only 78,, leading to serious overcrowding. Using the SOP presumptive testing and swabbing at the scene, I carried out the Hemastix test for blood. Definitions of crime change over time. And the most reliable notes are those taken contemporaneously. Notes should be written throughout the discussion, with the note-taker writing down questions and answers as they are spoken. Everybody has free will we choose whether or not to break the law.

Essay Questions Discuss the psychological effects of custodial sentencing.

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