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Dolours painplausible praiseworthy ; foreseen provided ; creature created tiling are just a few examples of Latinisms. They serve to make his style more scholarly and enrich it while lending weight to his ideas.

Almost every sentence is brief and precise but hits the readers mind than any other big tales.

what were the most important elements of bacons prose style

The terse epigrammatic nature of his sentences make them easily remembered and quotable. Bacon never wastes a word, and, what is more, he seems to compress these weighty thoughts into these brief sentences with the minimum of effort as well. All above mentioned qualities fall in it.

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Such weighing and balancing makes his style antithetical. Related Papers. With him, English prose definitely took a long leap forward. Bacon draws his imagery from the familiar objects of nature, or from the facts of every day life. This terseness is often achieved by leaving out superfluous epithets and conjunctions and connectives. His writing has been admired for various reasons. His Imagery and Analogy There is a constant use of imagery and figurative language in Bacon, especially in his later essays. Abstract truth is vivified by a concrete analogy of the unfamiliar thing with a familiar object, process or experience of common everyday life. To sum up, the style of Bacon is not personal and chatty style of the subjective essayist like Montaigne or Lamb. The new style of Bacon fitted itself as easily to buildings and gardens, or to suitors, as to truth and death. This is why, Bacon calls the revenge a kind of wild justice. His essays are observational rather than reflective. The books should be read according to their importance. We also find a touch of reality and practicality in his writings. He considers it just one of many passions of human mind.

The force of the aphoristic statements depend upon other stylistic devices which supplement them. It is this ability that makes most of his sentences read like proverbs or maxims or aphorisms.

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The Prose Style of Francis Bacon