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The metamorphosis summary

In the novel The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Kafka describes the theme of alienation and its negative effect on people and their relationships with the people around them. The Metamorphosis pertains to a man by the name of Gregory Samsa who awakes to find himself as a bug. Kafka weaves several images and symbols through out the story, so many that writing a paper on all of them would be incredibly long. Gregor's punishment of transformation gives him the ability to repent for all the crimes for which he has been convicted of by himself and society and make right all of his aforementioned wrongs. Unfortunately, no one can control the behavior of an inconsiderate person, but mechanisms are available when dealing and responding to these people. Samsa, and Grete go from loving Gregor unconditionally, to not loving him at all. The choice of words Kafka uses are very deliberately picked, I believe, because they do a fantastic job of showing a complete juxtaposition of Gregor as we now know him. This novella shows the degree of loyalty a family has to even their own family members; this case being Gregor Samsa, his mother, his father, and his sister Grete Samsa. I have interest in this passage because it reveals the writers understanding of a feeling that we all get from time to time There are many interpretations that can form this tale as the indifference by the society that is concerned with different individuals, and isolation pushing some cases to the solitude. However, it can much more strongly be argued that he was an extremely unselfish person and his actions were largely taken for granted by his family. Gregor, however, is now a bug. Health can be altered by the environment that a person lives within and the people he or she encounters.

Kafka, without preamble and intellectual justifications, puts us face to face with the unconscious, and illustrates existential problems.

Therefore, he holds much of the authority in the family, contrary to the traditional paternal authority in most families. Actually, health is more than physical health. What this means Gregor truth is the lack of humanity how he lives He willingly gives the majority of his income to his family.

The Metamorphosis includes Gregor Samsa a self-proclaimed family man who tries to take on all of the responsibilities in the Samsa household.

One way in which Gregor was unselfish was the fact that he was the reason he and his family were living in such a nice apartment Change plays an important role in life.

His life consisted of travel, only stopping to drop a paycheck on the dining table to his family 's delight.

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The Unselfish Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis Essay example