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When the Joads move to California, they experience another trial. In his brief history of California in Chapter 19, Steinbeck portrays the state as the product of land-hungry squatters who took the land from Mexicans and, by working it and making it produce, rendered it their own.

The Multiplying Effects of Selfishness and Altruism According to Steinbeck, many of the evils that plague the Joad family and the migrants stem from selfishness. It seems that the patriarchal structure crumbled due to migration resulting from natural disaster and industrialization.

When the men pull into the peach farm and begin to realize how difficult the work will be, Ma still believes that soon the Joads will save enough money to buy a house with some land.

Vertical integration occurs when the supply chain of a company is also owned by that company -- for example, the peach cannery also owns the farm where the peaches come from.

It is because the corporate culture created huge greed among the capitalist agricultural industry. The attendant, in turn, insults the Joads and hesitates to help them. In this way, the commonality of experience adds gravity and importance to Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrathassuring it a place among great and resonant works of American literature.

Industrialization The heavy industrialization of American farming has enabled high-profile, wealthy landowners to extract greater profits from the land.

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In the end, the Joads develop a sense of community among their fellow exploited proletariats, still searching for the sometimes elusive American Dream.

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