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An organization like a business can prevent people from following their conscience too. Up to this date, there have been many devastating effects on Rwanda and the global community. The UN nations failed to intervene in the escalating violence even when bodies littered the streets and bushes in Rwanda.

Also it gave off the feeling of spontaneity, although the movie showed that many Hutu were angry since power was given to the Tutsis, and not only when the Kigali president was killed.

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As they are talking, this is when a vulnerable side of Rusesabagina is seen. This caused tension between the two groups as the Belgians favored the ethnic Tutsi, and made them the head of the government. They take with them all of the non-Rwandan peoples and leave the others left with no protection. Now they have come back, these Tutsi rebels. They believe that the Tutsis killed the president because they want to keep the power that was left in their hands when the Belgium left Kigali. Before I knew it the plane landed in Kigali, Rwanda. Genocide is seen as a form of social control Campbell, The UN car ends up returning to the Milles Collines and does not help any of the refugees. If this were true, then they would not even have the UN peacekeepers, who were consistent allies. More refugees come to the hotel from the overburdened United Nations camp, the Red Cross, and orphanages from all over the country. From April to July of , over 80, Tutsi people were murdered and tortured for their African heritage. From its historical background to its most recent movie filmed in

From the beginning, it is clearly displayed that there are more than two sides of the story, with various groups representing each side.

This line was very compelling for me because it showed a type of ranking between other races, as compared with the Africans, with all of them showing superiority over them.

They spoke the same language, shared religious beliefs, earned similar wages, received similar education, and physically bear no difference Hintjens, The UN car ends up returning to the Milles Collines and does not help any of the refugees.

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Like her husband Paul, she also holds family values by trying to care for her family as much as possible. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

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