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If there is more than one author, list the rest in regular order, first name first, and separate them with commas. Chicago and Turabian The Chicago and Turabian formats are the same for this type of citation.

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London: Paxton, Zomba, The more you practice citation, the less of a chore it will be at the end of a hard paper. Smiling Family. MLA format is typically used by those writing in the liberal arts or humanities community. If the website title is not available, use the owner of the site instead. Weber, Carl Maria von. The Nutcracker. Warner, Bibliography cards are a standard method for organizing your sources. New York: New Video Group, By Jean Blodgett, et al.

By Andrew Lloyd Webber. Leave out introductory articles like "a," "an" or "the. Lyrics by Charles Hart. MGM, Middle names should be abbreviated, and suffixes should be preceded by a comma and appear after the first name and initial.

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If the article has no author, the date of publication goes after the title rather than the author. Rachevskaia, Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris. Once you have created the virtual card, it can be used an unlimited number of times. Invitation to the Dance Op. These differ in how you cite your sources and how you present and title your bibliography. A bibliography is an alphabetized list of sources that have been used to compile data, typically in an article, essay, or research paper. Columbia U, Chicago and Turabian The Chicago and Turabian formats are the same for this type of citation. This page shows the reader where the researchers found their information so they can validate the researchers' information and how they used it to support their thesis. APA To follow the APA format put the following information in this order: author name s year, month day of publication. Adding Annotations Annotating the cards will make them more useful.
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How to Make Bibliography Cards for Websites