How to write a rap artist bio examples

Have you charted on the radio or had success on streaming music platforms? The spellcheck again! If you start paying attention to the ads you see during your day, there may be things to be learned from analyzing them and their approach. Have you just gone into the studio?

Well, people dance, stomp, and sing. Also took the needs of the reader in mind. Interview the artist and ask her questions about when and why she started rapping, how other artists influenced her, where she grew up and how her environment plays into her music, if at all.

Listen to the artist's music. I also think this last sentence is a bit too unsubstantiated and generally sounds less professional than the rest. Rely on interesting and impressive facts, not clever wording, to make up the bulk of your bio.

Think about the experience you offer as an artist.

performer bio examples

For me, the most important thing is the story of your music: what does it mean, what made you create it, what are you trying to say or achieve?

I want people to come see it. We want the world to know about us and our music. Ever-evolving, the band also peppers in several original compositions that feel like they could have been written long ago.

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How to Write an Artist Bio That Won't Get Ignored