How to write a resume on word 2013

You can also do that with Themes over here on the far left. I can use this one called Keep Text Only. You can start typing right away or cut and paste text into the document.

Go through the various section titles and make them stand out. So let me click Ctrl.

how to design resume in word

Check out these free resume tips from some of the best schools that make up the Ivy League. Again, little too big. I can get a couple hundred I can look for. If you look up here we have boxes for street address, telephone, email.

How to make a resume on word 2017

Setting Up the Document First things first, open up a blank document in Word. So let me click Ctrl. You can look at styles. A big one is at the interview. Better back them up! And it gives you some instructions of how to use the template if you need that or you can just start typing away with your new objective here for your resume. You want to come in with copies of your resume so you can hand it to the person. Also down here in the experience area we have this.
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Keep cover letters with your resume in Word