How to write a test able question for science fair

Non testable questions

Method for vibrating the object Data collected: Pitch e. The question should contain one factor variable that you can change in your experiment and at least one factor variable that you can measure. Questions should also avoid topics about phenomena you cannot explain or the supernatural. What happened first? Design of plane, size of paper, thrust, air currents Data collected: Distance plane travels using the same amount of thrust How does mass affect a pendulum swing? If your science project focuses on that topic, you can provide concrete, experimental evidence that answers the question. Have you avoided the bad science fair projects listed in the Science Fair Topics to Avoid table in this project guide? If you do not have good answers for these issues, then you probably should look for a better science fair project question to answer. To remain as unbiased as possible, create testable questions about the project that do not involve moral values or personal preferences. Do you have all the materials and equipment you need for your science fair project, or will you be able to obtain them in a reasonable amount of time at a cost that is okay for your family? Several people do this project at almost every science fair. Mass of object What stays the same? Effect of colored light on plants. For example, in an exploratory experiment an investigation used for research information , a salt solution is poured in a tray covered with black construction paper. Mass of the top, length of the axle What stays the same?

The result is either obvious the heart beats faster when you run or difficult to measure with proper controls the effect of music. You want to be able to build on the experience of others! Amount of water, temperature of the water and air, amount of butter attaching a bead indicator to each spoon Data collected: Time it takes for heat to rise up the spoon causing the butter to melt and the bead indicator to detach from the spoon How does the position of a fulcrum affect the ability of a lever to do work?

What sugars do yeast use? Is your experiment safe to perform? Wind speed on fan Data collected: Distance traveled over time What conditions make a top that spins the longest?

Testable questions help scientists plan research activities and perform experiments that help them make important discoveries.

Testable questions worksheet

Diameter of water hose What stays the same? Size of water and procedures for making water balloon, force, height of drop Data collected: Pattern observed at impact site What type of ball bounces the highest? Length of string, time tested Data collected: Number of swing periods What is the best shock absorber for dropping an egg? Keep in mind that science fair projects that involve human subjects, vertebrate animals animals with a backbone or animal tissue, pathogenic agents, DNA, or controlled or hazardous substances, often need approval from your science fair's Scientific Review Committee beforehand. Siphoning procedure Data collected: Speed of water. How does arch curvature affect load carrying strength? You can also read more about common science fair rules on our Scientific Review Committee page. A variable is a part of an experiment that changes, such as temperature, amount of light, size, or color.

If you want to do a project on plants, you need to start very early! Position of fulcrum What stays the same? Share this:. What type of paper makes the best paper airplane?

examples of scientific questions and hypotheses

For example, "Which tastes better: Coke or Pepsi? These are examples of bad science fair project topics that you should avoid: Science Project Topics to Avoid Why Any topic that boils down to a simple preference or taste comparison.

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Testable Questions for a Science Project