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Franz Hartig. The tech was very understanding about my child's fear of doctors and really all of the medical professionals were cool about it and even impressed at his strength as every single person was sweating after being through with us.

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The main part of the building is 51 by 30 feet, with a wing on the south 26 by 38 feet. Higbie, who in had led in the organizing of the Jamaica Hospital League, which for many years gave us Herculean support.

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Richard W. This guide covers the years towith the inevitable steps forward and backward. In December, , Drs. The current is not readily dividable, so as to make it applicable to the lighting of dwellings, and while the electric light will be used where a great deal of luminous power is required, and where the expense is not chiefly considered, it does not look at present as if it would ever displace illuminating as in the field which the latter occupies. The public took sides, too. No where else because I was afraid to allow it to get further than that. Dogs, barking excitedly, chased the cars all along the route. The organization meeting of the Medical Staff took place on Friday evening, June 3rd, There were too little cases to measure how much time has passed for a patient complaining about chest pain or a heart attack at Jamaica Hospital. Jarvis and Grant Morrell was one of the reigning features.

Miss Mary R. It consisted of two buildings. The following year Dr. Dunton is president of the Barrows Company. X-ray was fine. On his return to American in he was made Professor of Surgery at Columbia College, which was merged with College of Physicians and Surgeons in A few weeks later the triumphant opening of the first permanent building was to become an accomplished fact.

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