Macro environment economic affecting sabc

Macro environment economic affecting sabc

SABC news will want to distinguish itself from E news for example in an effort to strengthen brand loyalty and create a perception that there are no substitutes available on the market. The stations will produce television programmes to attract a measurable audience and then sells that audience to interested advertisers, who will purchase time and space during the shows. Business owners need to be fully aware of the driving factors behind these changes, so product offerings can be adapted to suit the ever changing consumer. Consumer behaviours and attitudes change as demographics do, which requires a business to adapt accordingly. Barriers to entry in an oligopoly are significantly high. As a parastatal, the SABC has a political mandate that directly impacts on the strategy and scheduling programmes. The broadcasting industry is also heavily regulated and that could also be a barrier to entry for newcomers 3.

This monopoly was further eroded by the lauch of the first free-to-air channel called Etv in This means that whichever political party enjoys a majority in parliament can dismiss the board of the SABC.

The South African legislation, in particular, the Broadcasting Amendment Bill, allows for parliament to dismiss the entire board.

Macro environment factors affecting business in south africa

As you can see, there are a number of factors that will have a significant influence on businesses. It is an English radio station that broacasts nationally and also offers live Internet radio. Albarran asserts the four types of market structure as monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and perfect competition. As stated earlier, if there is no money to spend, then advertising decreases and the SABC and other media outlets contract their potential earnings 5. It is also operates nationally but offers Internet radio for those who choose not to be bound by geography. Environmental factors A very important factor in all societies, each business should analyse the impact their operations are having on the environment. The social system Business owners need to be in touch with the attitudes and behaviour patterns of the society in which they exist. Other taxes to consider in South Africa: Stamp duty. The SABC is no exception. The state of the economy pervades all aspects of organisational life. Then describe the current market structure the SABC finds itself in and lastly the core part of the essay will evaluate the forces affecting the SABC and its markets and how these impact on the organisation and function of the SABC. Right now, this is a good thing. Oct 31, Kiesha Frue South Africa is improving conditions for budding businesses. But companies outside the country question whether to expand into it due to several issues. If the local economic condition begin to decline, so does the spending trend of consumers as they become more conservative with their money.

As the demand for advertising rises, companies charge higher prices to increase revenues and profits. It broadcasts in Ndebele in mostly Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo.

environmental factors affecting business in south africa

When the first democratic elections took place inthe SABC found itself no longer under the control of the National Party but now having to face a restructuring under the newly elected ANC government. In addition to operating in a dual-product market, media companies also function in specific geographic markets.

Variable costs are those such as labour and raw materials which will depend on the quantity produced.

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