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Because of this, scholars such as Harnack do not regard Marcion as a true Gnostic, and point to the basically Christian characters of many of his beliefs. This credal statement seems to have been formulated to counter Marcionite and other similar heretical teachings. His undertaking thus resolved itself into a reformation of Christendom. Referring to Pauline traditions in the Gospel, Marcionism believed that the Gospel, opposed to teachings from the old testament that were believed to be misleading from the truth. Blackman Some time in the late s CE, Marcion traveled to Rome, joined the Roman church, and made a large donation of , sesterces to the congregation there. Tertullian claims that he forbade marriage because procreation was the invention of the Demiurge. Latourette, A History Of Christianity. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, , " Marcionites hold maltheistic views of the god of the Hebrew Bible known to some Gnostics as Yaltabaoth , that he was inconsistent, jealous, wrathful, and genocidal, and that the material world he created is defective, a place of suffering; the god who made such a world is a bungling or malicious demiurge : In the god of the [Old Testament] he saw a being whose character was stern justice, and therefore anger, contentiousness and unmercifulness. This of itself shows that it is a mistake to reckon Marcion among the Gnostics. The beliefs he propagated continued in the West for years, although Marcionistic ideas persisted much longer.

Essay Topic: God Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! His undertaking thus resolved itself into a reformation of Christendom.

Indeed, the word Marcionism is sometimes used in modern times to refer to anti- Jewish tendencies in Christian churches, especially when such tendencies are thought to be surviving residues of ancient Marcionism.

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That revolution, along with other Jewish-Roman wars the Great Jewish Revolt and the Kitos Warprovides some of the historical context of the founding of Marcionism. Philadelphia: Westminster Press," Some Christian scholars, such as Gleason Archer and Norman Geisler, have dedicated much of their time to the attempt to resolve these perceived difficulties, while others have argued that just punishments divine or humaneven capital punishments, are not genocide or murder because murder and genocide are unjustified by definition.

Salvation, he said, was available to all men, and did not involve secrets, secret revelations or knowledge of magical rituals. In particular, he refused to re-admit those who recanted their faith under Roman persecution. Montanus was the founder of Montanism, an early Christian sector founded in the mid 2nd century AD in Phrygia region and its followers are referred to as Cataphrygians.

It did nothing more than sanction sexual indulgence Contact me There is little doubt that the teachings of Marcion and his followers represented a greater threat to Orthodox Christianity than any other heresy in the second century.

Marcion, on the contrary, treats the Catholic Church as one that "follows the Testament of the Creator-God," and directs the full force of his attack against this Testament and against the falsification of the Gospel and of the Pauline Epistles.

Christie-Murray, "He does not seem to have been an orthodox gnostic.

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