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Nokia must comply with the ground rules and regulation of different markets around the world when operating globally. Taking the distribution channel Finnish game industry is used by the most countries, which made the Finnish game industry less competitive. Finland Economic Freedom. However, current accounts should remain negative in the short term The inflation rate for — at 1. Population distribution is very uneven: the population is concentrated on the small southwestern coastal plain. In order to solve these problems, Finland sets up protect area, where hunting and logging are forbidden. The company is based in the European nation of Finland, but the Finnish government has refused to give it a bailout or special favors. This is very important for a country to lower down their political risk. An explanation for the decline was that there was an unprecedented number of unmarried couples. But Prime Minister Jaatteenmaki resigned after only two months in office when it was revealed that she had used leaked classified information against her rival in the election she was acquitted of the charges the following year. Bargaining power of buyers Nowadays, the distribution channel of mobile games is changing into digital distribution, which means there is not retailors lay between the suppliers and the buyers.

It has to be market oriental. This is very important for a country to lower down their political risk. One reason why it lacks those capabilities is that Nokia simply does not have the money to finance extensive research and developments efforts like its competitors do.

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The Prime Minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanenhad explained that they cannot compete with other Asia company with low wages, but they will move faster than them and make the 13 P a g e possibility to stay a few steps forwards.

Since the global economy has slow down, the occurrence of negative performance of Finland in the economy fields was affected by this as well.

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Economic risk can be assess by evaluate the weaknesses in a countrys economy. As we all know, Finland is the creator of the former leading cell phone company, Nokia.

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Moreover, due to the geographical location, Finland does not have many natural resources, so the Finnish government also focused on the technology of renewable energy to maintain sustainable development. The first inhabitants of Finland were the Sami Lapp people.

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