Poetry writing assignments for middle school

Use those descriptions to write a poem.

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Then I have them write just one line a day, which goes into a journal that only I read. Flip one of them over, open the back cover and see how many periods are on the last page.

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Write about your perspective as if you were any type of food. Write a poem about integrity. They appreciate others.

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What is the setting and time period? Take six random objects and place them in a line on the floor.

Poetry activities for middle school pdf

Read your favorite childhood book and reflect on how it made you feel as a child. Since I've begun incorporating more differentiated, engaging elements, my unit has become more meaningful and rewarding. At the end, open them up and read the poems you created. Write a poem about poetry. Although escape rooms require a lot of preparation and thought, the end result is worth the time. Everyone enjoyed this a lot! If they want to go above and beyond, they can create an original illustration to accompany their blackout poem. Email Seriously. That student would then be challenged to write a haiku with imagery and an onomatopoeia. Gather all of your friends and take a trip to Starbucks, or another coffee shop, and write poems together. We did several projects involving writing back and forth about our views and ourselves.
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Interactive Poetry Activities Your Students Will Love