Population explosion india essay

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Lack of recreational facilities due to poverty. It is now universally agreed that an effective control of population growth is necessary if our development effort is to yield any result.

Although by the end of the death rate had declined to nearly 15 per thousand per annum. Further, since India has not been self-sufficient in the matter of food grains, they have to be imported.

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Inspite of additional care taken during five-year plans to generate additional jobs the back-log of unemployed is constantly increasing. The debate about population explosion in India is now over half a century old.

Population explosion india essay

Inspite of the fact that the population policies, family planning and welfare programmes undertaken by the Govt. After all that, they lose their confidence in searching for the job. The second stage of transition began from this dividing milestone. It results in sub-division and fragmentation of holdings, decline in productivity and disguised unemployment. More the better. For an average person it has become extremely difficult to meet both ends and one remains always busy in earning his bread and butter. Get Essay Poverty is another issue which faces the country and needs to be solved. The fertility rate due to the population policies and other measures has been falling but even then it is much higher compared to other countries. Population and Capital Formation: Capital formation is an important factor for economic development. There arise excessive demands for finished products leading to over-industrialization and over-utilization of resources. Much Population creates the pressure on the earth. As inefficiency creeps in, productivity is reduced thereby hampering the development of an economy. People cannot be physically fit and mentally alert if they are not even provided with basic necessities of life.

We need to address the problem of overpopulation in the broader sense and in a socially controlled way. Demographic factors, i. On the other hand, the large number of Population almost increases by the poor people of the country. The economic causes include i Children are considered to be an asset not a liability by the poor who look at them as source of income; ii Statistics also prove that the cost benefit ratio for a child is favourable to the poor; iii Lack of proper medical facilities and high mortality rate of infant to want more children; and iv There is also total lack of economic security for widows and elderly people which makes people go for children as economic security.

essay on population explosion and its control
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