Production cycle

Production cycle

These are then virtually brought together in sub-assemblies of more than one level until the full product is digitally defined. The production cycle is different for different industries and business segments. The process behind the manufacture of a given compound is a key element of the regulatory filing for a new drug application. A part-centric top—down design may eliminate some of the risks of top—down design. The system engineering process [18] prescribes a functional decomposition of requirements and then physical allocation of product structure to the functions. The risk of a top—down design is that it may not take advantage of more efficient applications of current physical technology, due to excessive layers of lower-level abstraction due to following an abstraction path which does not efficiently fit available components e. This process requires input from the accounting department concerning the costs of proposed product components, while the marketing department advises on the product features needed. Depending on the complexity of the product, a number of levels of this assembly are created until the basic definition of components can be identified, such as position and principal dimensions. Resolving the problems with the production cycle exceeding the normative range: In case the value of this indicator is too high comparing to main competitors, it is necessary to conduct some actions to decrease it. The full production cycle contains the following activities: The engineering department uses an iterative process to develop product designs. CAD and CAID models of components are created within the context of some or all of the other components within the product being developed. This information is then associatively copied to component files. For example: starting tool design as soon as the detailed design has started, and before the detailed designs of the product are finished; or starting on detail design solid models before the concept design surfaces models are complete. These assemblies of files constitute a template from which a family of products can be constructed.

Based on this schedule, the system issues purchase requisitions to the purchasing department to obtain the necessary raw materials. The materials management staff releases job orders into the production department in accordance with the requirements of the production plan, and schedules direct labor staffing based on the labor routing information for each product on the shop floor.

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In either case the key attribute of BEATM design methodology is to immediately focus at both ends of the design process flow: a top—down view of the solution requirements, and a bottom—up view of the available technology which may offer promise of an efficient solution.

To calculate this indicator the analyst should multiply the average inventories by the number of days in the year and divide the result by the cost of goods sold.

Design in context[ edit ] Individual components cannot be constructed in isolation. Both-ends-against-the-middle design[ edit ] Both-ends-against-the-middle BEATM design is a design process that endeavors to combine the best features of top—down design, and bottom—up design into one process.

PDES integrate people with different backgrounds from potentially different legal entities, data, information and knowledge and business processes.

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The focus of bottom—up design is "what can we most efficiently do with this technology? It can be seen as an analogy to creating a concept car to test new technology for future products, but in this case the work is directly used for the next product generation.

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Typically, this is the life sciences and advanced specialty chemicals markets. A lot of knowledge is built into these templates to be reused on new products.

The complete control structure and review structure, as well as downstream data such as drawings, tooling development and CAM models, are constructed before the product has been defined or a project kick-off has been authorized.

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Production Cycle