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Sedaris titles often appeared on the shelves of these shops, and eventually I took a chance on a seven-year-old paperback copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day. And exit elf.

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At the time, I thought my interests were mature and sophisticated; in my mind, I was a young person who was trapped in high school by a mere technicality of age, and I ached with every fiber of my being to get the hell out. Staring out at the landscape? Emergency exit elf. He has a way of telling stories that can come right up to the line of being mean and then deftly flipping the narrative, revealing a warm core at the center of it all. If Amy could do it, why couldn't I? But, just in case you need some advice of where to start reading, we've collected a few of our favorite essays to help guide you through the wonderful world of David Sedaris. But he's surely an honorary North Carolinian, having spent most of his formative years with his family in Raleigh. He was openly self-deprecating, deeply aware of his prickliness and pettiness as well as his own occasional charms. I got to talk to Mr. The cleverness of his stories can only be matched by his impeccable comedic timing when reading them aloud. His self-deprecating humour is sharp and witty. Underneath the humor, however, Sedaris captures the anxiety of being a student, and the camaraderie easily formed between classmates who hate their teacher. But what follows is a moving eulogy about the beautiful, complicated, unforgettable life that his sister Tiffany lived.

Emergency exit elf. This essay is an absolute must-read — I reread it every year around the holidays and still find moments that make me laugh out loud every time. I was bushwhacking my way through high school Spanish, and here was David, documenting the same struggles to express himself in another tongue in "See You Again Yesterday" and "Make That a Double.

Sedaris after the Q and A and told him that I too had attended Alliance Francaise in Paris and perhaps had the same teacher who threw chalk at the students.

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The cleverness of his stories can only be matched by his impeccable comedic timing when reading them aloud. I haven't made a long leap away from home yet.

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But, thanks in large part to Sedaris, when the time comes, I'll know how to find my way out. Read this one as a student and view your difficult classes or stodgy professors in a new light.

Here was someone who, as far as I could tell, shared a lot of my neuroses and pet peeves, despite how different our lives looked. He had the audience in stitches with his anecdotes.

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