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The Ramayana by Valmiki on the other hand is a very traditional epic which It was said, that Shishupal would be freed of those extra limbs when his slayer baby sits him. Much of this evidential base has been developed by Dr.

Posted by. The minister who was responsible for this took her in a pearl-box, placed her near a plough and told King Janaka of Mithila that the girl had been born from the furrow. His brother, Lakshmana, and wife, Sita, accompanied him on his journey.

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Next morning, in the middle of the hall, Rama lifts up the bow of Shiva with his left hand, fastens the string tightly and finally breaks the bow. She is considered as an ideal woman, who gave everything for her husband. He even wanted to abduct her. The mace was not reincarnated.

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Originating and commonly practiced in Western countries, this is called reincarnation. The second time Sita is shown talking prominently is when she speaks to Ravana.

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