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The result was that the Fourth Crusade never came within 1, miles of its objective of Jerusalem. Alexios had restored the Empire's finances and authority but still faced numerous foreign enemies.

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The debate ended when news arrived that the Fatimid Egyptians had taken Jerusalem from the Seljuk Turks, making it imperative to attack before the Egyptians could consolidate their position. This was a high point in Latin and Greek co-operation and the beginning of crusader attempts to take advantage of disunity in the Muslim world. Its frontiers stretched as far east as Iran. Effects of the Crusades - Material Development Among the effects of the Holy Wars upon the material development of Europe must be mentioned the spur they gave to commercial enterprise, especially to the trade and commerce of the Italian cities. This photo shows the monastery at Mont St. Finally, Bohemond persuaded a guard in the city to open a gate. Edessa had been destroyed, making its recovery impossible, and the crusade's objectives were unclear. Urban II called upon the knights of Christendom in a speech made at the Council of Clermont on 27 November , combining the idea of pilgrimage to the Holy Land with that of waging a holy war against the invading forces. In the Frankish king Louis and his bishops deposed Methodius at a synod at Ratisbon, and imprisoned him for a little over two years. Garnache - a long cloak with cape like sleeves Hergaut or gardecorps - a style of cloak that featured long, full sleeves Chaperon - a hood that was sewn onto a cape Houppelande - The houppelande of was a beautiful, full length robe like garment featuring a high collar and wide sleeves. The display of a coat of arms became popular as did parti-colored garments. Dyed in bright colors that were attractively revealed by slashing the fabric of the outer tunic, or surcote, to create an interesting contrast. The reforming movement coalesced around Pope Leo IX , intent on abolishing simony and clerical marriage and implementing a college of cardinals responsible for electing future popes. Many found refuge with King Boris of Bulgaria — , under whom they reorganised a Slavic-speaking Church.

Christians killed thousands of Hungarians, then Germans, then Greeks. Inthe Muslims took the last remaining Christian city at Acre Thus the prominent part which the Popes took in the enterprises naturally fostered their authority and influence, by placing in their hands, the armies and resources of Christendom, and accustoming the people to look to them as guides and leaders.

Sleeves widened toward a bell shape.

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French kids got to Alexandria and were sold into slavery. Catholic pilgrims had access to sacred sites and Christian residents in Muslim territories were given dhimmi status on payment of a poll tax, legal rights and legal protection.

This struggle, now known as the Investiture Controversy[22] was primarily about whether the Catholic Church or the Holy Roman Empire held the right to appoint church officials and other clerics.

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