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These snacks can be taken with curd and jaggery. This tradition of events is continued till date with Bihu Melas or Bihu functions. Rongali bihu falls in a period when the there is no work for the cultivators but still there is enough in the store to enjoy.

People visit their relatives and seek blessings from their elders. Pithas are several types: such as khulat diya pitha til pitha or narikolor pithadhup pitha made of jaggerytel diya pitha fried with mustard oilwhile the snacks are kumor chaul staple ricechira, bhoja chaul, sandoh guri, etc.

For example, in many places people have the feast during the day and in many places during the night. Rongali bihu reflects the rich culture of Assamese society.

Another notable musical instrument played in this phase was the bholuka baanhor toka which is a split bamboo musical instrument. On the next day, called Manuh Bihu, special dishes made of flattened rice, curds, and jaggery and sweets are prepared and eaten.

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The term for the colour of the dhol is hengul-haital. Special dishes are prepared at every home for feasts and destitutes receive contributions from the well-off people. Jeng Bihu : This is Bihu dance and song performed and watched only by women.

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Bihu: The Festival of Assam