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It also means not having to go through all the trouble and the risks of starting a bakeshop from the ground up. Lopez Jaena Sts. It is my understanding that every state in the U. Quick Tips Some of the equipment you need includes bakery oven, dough mixer, bread crusher, bread slicer, and baking trays. Decide on the right equipment you will use and buy supplies as needed. After all, this will be a responsibility that you will handle every day. About Us How to Start a Bakery Business in the Philippines Did you know bread is second to the most common food staple next to rice that is eaten every day in the Philippines? But what if one or all of your bakers suddenly quit? It really is profitable since the ingredients are basically the dame, with little variety, so you get to use most of what you buy. Mixers are the secret to a productive bakery. And there is no spoilage since you bake according to the orders you get. Putting up your own bakery requires baking skills and knowledge in breads and pastries. In terms of pricing, I have to keep my prices lower than the known bakeshops. You should choose bakers that are the best fit for the type of bakeshop you want to set up.

Money is not the be-all and end-all of opening a bakery. Source: DTI.

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An Original Guide on How to Open A Bakeshop in the Philippines October 9, maigne Only one thing can beat the sensation of waking up to the smell of freshly-baked pastries — the ecstasy brought about by drowning in the sweet and delicious scent for an entire day.

What you have to remember whenever you hire a baker is that they all have a different set of skills. Your bakeshop has a better chance succeeding if you hire the right type and amount of people who can run it collectively. Keep in mind, not all cities, counties and states have the same ordinances, regulations and codes.

Passion and enthusiasm, for your product and the business, can open doors to part-time income.

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You can do this by having family and friends compare your creations with products from potential competitors. Management Staff At the end of the day, a bakeshop is still a business that needs to be run by competent people who have the technical knowledge to navigate the industry.

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Starting a Bakery in the Philippines