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Submit your essay nowand we promise to have it back before your deadline, with turnarounds as fast as one day and even one hour. It is about grammar, and spelling, and style, and syntax, and formatting. That is why if you think that your teachers shouldn't know about it, they won't.

Here are the possible reasons why. Check out our FAQor contact us to learn more.

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For instance, revising a scientific article before publication is much more than simply an important step - in academic circles, concerns like "proofread my paper" are completely unavoidable.

Methodology scientific articles only - From the description of the materials and methods, can a specialist reproduce the research? Are all the ethical considerations taken into account? Somehow, teachers still believe that a student can cope with it all.

And you still have to continue your work. But this is rarely enough. If not, what other evidence would be helpful? Once we check your essay and you download your editor's copy, you'll see your edited paper along with comments on the side meant to guide you through additional improvements.

You will see the difference right when you get the first report from our essay editor.

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The Committee first read the paper and then come up with a summary please, mention in your order whether your journal requests summaries.

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