Stalins impact on russian history essay

everyday life in stalins russia

This made sure the army and towns were fed in order to win the war. His policies were often completely different from Communist ideas.

impact of stalin

Those who attempted to listen, read etc. The machinery of coercion had previously been used only against opponents of Bolshevism, not against party members themselves.

Leisure for the average Russian person was based around fitness and sport. They suffer over a million casualties but manage to defeat the Nazis in Although Lenin was in power for only six years much change occurred during this time impacting on Russia and its people. The Tsar was an all-powerful autocratic ruler. The Great Purge was a large scale attempt to decimate the ranks of the party and eliminate all potential opposition to his rule; the terror spread throughout Soviet society, resulting millions of executions and millions more placed in labor camps the Gulags. From its start people at all levels were intimidated and forced into change at the expense of freedom and life. The US responds with an month long airlift of supplies to people trapped in that part of the city. But alas, Stalin was just a mere human and not every action that he took was beneficial to Russia, some actions were the complete opposite; some actions had some major negative impacts. This made sure the army and towns were fed in order to win the war. Lenin was pragmatic and was able to change his policies. He had a great impact during the cold war because he did many so much improvements and progress for the Soviet Union nation. Before the Russian Revolution, Russia was ruled by the Tsar.

For Communism to survive in Russia there had to be world revolution. Stalin is adamant these countries will be satellite states of the Soviet Union.

This was despite the fact they had supported the communists in Thought the strides Stalin made for Russia were great they often came at a great price. The state paid families a child allowance if their were a married couple.

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Stalin's Impact On Russia And The Russian People.