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Charleston, SC: Arcadia, London: Jonathan Cape, Only a month-and-a-half before the festival was set to open, a new location had to be found.

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Discusses the relationship forged between popular culture and high culture while exploring the late s counterculture politics of music. Perone, James. Quotes the overall positive reflections on the festival by some of the performers. Carlos Santana describes how Graham coerced the promoters into putting the band Santana on the bill. He can be heard and seen in recordings of Woodstock making the stage announcements, including requests to "stay off the towers" and the warning about the " brown acid ". The only light on the stage was from spotlights. Davidson, Sara. Similar differences about financial discipline made Roberts and Rosenman wonder whether to pull the plug or to continue pumping money into the project. Schulz, it turns out, was "kind of cryptic" about that, says Clark, who guided the museum's current exhibit, "Peace, Love and Woodstock," which runs through March. Cooke, Alistair. Provides a perspective on the festival from the impressions of counterculture journalists. Beyond the symbolism, "Schulz didn't really take a strong, definite stance on some issues, but you know he was thinking about it," Clark says.

Contains a partial list of the fees paid to each act. Includes a narrative overview, short biographies of ten key individuals e. Includes a brief history of music festivals leading up to Woodstock and provides a festival chronology listing the performers at each event.

The organizers scrambled to bring in more toilets, more water, and more food.

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Focuses on the performances by Country Joe McDonald and Jimi Hendrix in order to illustrate the political, and even militant, nature of the festival. The Royal Guardsmen had released the hit novelty song "Snoopy vs.

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Discusses the quality of performances and the poor conditions during the three days of the concert. Everyone involved with Woodstock panicked. Schulz, it turns out, was "kind of cryptic" about that, says Clark, who guided the museum's current exhibit, "Peace, Love and Woodstock," which runs through March. Heavily illustrated with photographs of performers and artifacts, many not from the event itself. Outlines some of the ways in which the Woodstock Music and Art Fair has become ingrained in the cultural vocabulary and in American history. Provides a brief description of how the festival came to be organized. Lee Mendelson, the Emmy-winning producer of the classic "Peanuts" TV specials, including "A Charlie Brown Christmas," says that as Woodstock emerged as a sidekick, he became especially useful on screen. Includes numerous photographs and maps. Books

After placing an ad in The New York Times that stated: "Young men with unlimited capital looking for interesting, legitimate investment opportunities and business propositions," they met Kornfeld and Lang. After local residents quickly shot down that idea, Lang and Kornfeld thought they had found another possible location in Saugerties, New York.

Bernstein, Jacob.

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No one had planned for half a million people. Despite resident opposition and signs proclaiming, "Buy No Milk. Questions from the perspective of leaving by helicopter at the end of the event whether one would remember more the monster or its footprint. Includes a detailed subject index. Starts with presenting in snippets the cultural events that allowed the Woodstock festival to be born e. Also troublesome was a last-minute ban that would not allow off-duty police officers to work at the festival. While the repercussions of all of these would be felt in different ways for many years to come, Woodstock has remained unique in its capacity to represent a period in musical and political history whose meaning may be ambiguous, but whose significance, as Remembering Woodstock confirms, is profound. New York: Ballantine Books,

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Woodstock festival opens in Bethel, New York