The process of inner changes in gwen harwoods poem father and child

This is seen through the killing of an owl and the ensuing emotional results. As well, she captures and delights in — the excitement of the occasion which is animated by the advent of this imposing masculine figure amongst the all female company When he appeared the girls whirred with an insect nervousness Even the Headmistress is dwarfed by his presence which is made even more grand by his academic gown and hood, of silk and fur, putting her less distinguished black in the shade.

That her father arrives with a whistle onomatopoeia giving his arrival an aural immediacy connects the experience with her adult whistling of t he first stanza.

She is clearly differentiated by her hair, as her musicianship from the other girls around her, as she is from Professor Eisenbart.

father and child harwood year

In the poem the sun is a symbol for security and plays the role of a saviour. Believing she could walk on water, she jumped in and had to be rescued by her father. Knowledge and experience.

At Mornington - Nature is presented as a cleansing process, a way to find truth and wisdom - Repetition of waves and water is very important, symbolizing time and the flow of memories. It provokes the question: does evil lie subconsciously in all humans?

The mental picture is utili ed to evoke feelings of disgust in the responder and to make then reali e the shocking nature of death.

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