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Download 5MB Preview Abstract This thesis examined the management of supply chain risks in the maritime transport industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Item Type:. Furthermore, substantial evidence for the enabling role of management support is found as well as poor support for the moderating role of supply chain complexity on the impact of supply risk management strategies.

The thesis was conducted by relying on the constructivist approach to data collection. This thesis focused on expanding the field of SCRM by examining how various risk assessment and management concepts and practices are understood, interpreted and implemented throughout the region.

Supply base design is more important for production organizations whereas supplier cooperation strategies see slightly larger adoption rates at goods and services providers. The thesis thereby offers insights that were not otherwise available in prior research.

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A big advantage of the developed model is not only the ability to quantify the cause and effect of supply chain risks but also to describe the constantly changing risk environment of the supply chain through continuous belief updates within the model.

Hazardous transport: container ship fires: Following two large fires on Maersk-operated container vessels ina number of container ship fires and accidents in the first week of highlighted again what may become more commonplace occurrences.

Various interesting insights are obtained.

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"After sales supply chain risk management." by Steffen Luksch