University of minnesota phd thesis archive

University of minnesota phd thesis archive

Please use a newer browser. Track where you have searched and your search terms by keeping a research log or journal.

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As part of the discussion incorporate elements of your literature review and describe the significance and implications of what you found. A few publishers require all authors to cede their rights, and don't have any blanket policy on author reuse. You may or may not be expected to give a brief presentation at the beginning. In general, academic monographs based on dissertations are heavily developed, revised, and edited before publication, so the publisher does not see the author's own dissertation as competition. There are also some other other serious issues to consider as you get ready to submit your dissertation - submission is usually considered publication, which will be problematic if your work contains sensitive data, potentially patentable inventions, is in its current form a candidate for commercial publication, or contains the work of collaborators who may also hold a copyright interest. UMI evolved over the years into Proquest , and still is heavily involved in facilitated sharing of theses and dissertations. Similarly, you can look on a publication's webpage to see if they have a broad policy enabling author reuse in dissertations fairly common or in all scholarly reuse less common, but possible. University of Minnesota Ph.

The University Libraries make every effort to assure the accuracy of this information but do not offer it as counsel or legal advice. It gives context to your research, explains what your results mean, and the relevance.

Include your research questions identified in the introduction.

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Even after you have shared your dissertation, you remain the owner of the copyright. A few publishers require all authors to cede their rights, and don't have any blanket policy on author reuse. Review the literature to support your question and explain how your research will fit into the existing literature. If you negotiated to retain rights , presumably you know what rights you retained, and they'll already include the right to reuse your work in your own future scholarship - you've made your own life much easier! Review the literature in your field to: Develop an in-depth understanding of your topic and clarify why your research is significant Ensure that your research is an unique contribution. As with almost all reuses of prior publications by academic authors, this is of course, only ethical if the previous publication is clearly disclosed usually with a citation or other form of acknowledgment of the original source of the materials. If needed you will be able to report your search strategies. Focus on the needs of your primary audience your advisor and committee , either by consulting them directly or considering their feedback to your initial draft. Put raw data, survey instruments, and release forms, etc. How do I find a masters thesis or PhD. The written literature review is selective and does not include every article or source your find on your topic. Registration is not necessary for ownership of a copyright. This may cost money. Now is the time to immerse yourself in your topic. Explain limitations in your research and possibilities for future research on your topic.

More information about theses and dissertations including Digital Dissertations is available on the University Libraries website. This will help you identify the most productive sources and not repeat what you have already done.

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If you have questions about any of these topics, or would like to discuss any of these issues in greater detail, feel free to contact copyinfo umn.

When sharing both via Proquest and via the Libraries' own University Digital Conservancy, you are asked to provide a license to your work - this does -not- give up ownership of your work, it just permits distribution of your work, as required by the Graduate School.

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In the days of paper-only theses and dissertations, a business called University Microfilms, Inc.

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