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A journal style or a conventional style manual such as APA or MLA may be used as a guide for either a multiple-paper or a monograph format. Once all corrections have been made, a Format Approval is issued. Preliminary Review: This was a preliminary review of the manuscript.

A single chapter is not acceptable for a thesis or dissertation.

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Manuscripts are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Format Approval: The manuscript has received format approval.

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Requests to Delay Publication If you wish to request a temporary delay of publication of your thesis, report, dissertation, or treatise, you must make this request before graduation. Status: The status of the submission. The defense should be scheduled early enough for the student to make any changes requested by the committee and to still submit the departmentally-approved manuscript to the Thesis Office for Format Approval no later than 7 weeks prior to the closing date of the semester i. The subdirectory bibtex contains all of the public BibTeX style files long available at the University of Utah Mathematics Department that are not also in recent TeX Live distributions. Status: The status of the submission. Corrections: The manuscript has been processed and is being returned to the student for corrections. The final manuscript should be uploaded no later than the Monday before examination week the final week of the semester; see final submission date listed in the Calendar on The Graduate School website. A format check is recommended before you submit your completed work. The signature forms are not included in the published manuscript.

The file Makefile is a sample Unix Makefile for automating the handling of all of the steps described in the guide. You, your major professor and your supervisory committee should agree on the format and style of your thesis or dissertation early in the writing process. The USU publication guide is not a style guide.

Corrections: The manuscript has been processed and is being returned to the student for corrections. Tab characters are significant in Makefiles, and are not equivalent to spaces, so do not copy their contents via cut-and-paste from a Web browser window: download the file instead!

University of utah thesis office

Authors who have an approved delay of publication, but wish to publish their ETD prior to the date initially requested, may request to end the delay of publication.

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Thesis Submission Procedure