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Just Checking-in on You Users checking-in to your place of business on Facebook can help prompt reviews.

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When sending customers a post-purchase email, make it personal. I even chatted with the Manager, Paula, about how to focus on asking people to check in… oh did I mention they have WiFi there too?

Turning this off might not be the best idea because it removes any positive reviews the business might have accumulated throughout the years.

How to write a review on facebook app

Are you ready? So… I checked in on Facebook. It can be a sticker posted on your register or a flyer in the front window. Type the code into the window on your screen and click Continue. The next time you are at a business, attraction, accommodation or restaurant in your local area, see what happens when you check in on Facebook. For some real-world context, check out our examples of some of the best reviews responses from companies. Remember to include the link to your Facebook Page.

If you have multiple locations, you can create an efficient multi-Page management system on Facebook Business Manager. Ensure you respond to every review.

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If someone takes the time to review your business, give them the decency of a response. One way to prevent this issue is to verify your Facebook business Page. The more check-ins, the more people are attracted to your business! Remember, they may not necessarily be right, but they do want to be heard.

When we walked into the pub, we were greeted by every person in the pub, the place was so much fun.

How do you write a review on facebook page

Check in and Leave a review if you love something! But in reality, people check in because they want their friends to know about it. Should I Respond to a Facebook Review? One way to prevent this issue is to verify your Facebook business Page. If you meet the criteria, you can sign up for verification. Will you try it in your business? So… I checked in on Facebook. Remember, check-ins are easier to request. Send them an offer, newsletter, post-purchase email, post-visit email, or confirmation. After all, they just checked in, so there is positive affinity with your business already! Facebook marketing is important for those who want to gain local reviews. There are often regulations in different countries for incentivizing reviews and it may not be allowed. In some cases, some Facebook users might leave reviews on an unofficial business Page or a Page not run by the actual business itself.

Do you think that someone who bothers to check in already loves you?

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Facebook Reviews