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For more complex code, however, learning from more elaborate documentation in header files was helpful.

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In user testing that Twilio did with their documentation, they found that pages that started more quickly with code samples performed better with users. We saw this across section length; we saw this across page depth. Not really. Variables are often defined first, functions are called that are defined elsewhere, and other aspects are non-linear as well.

Then we see the request headers and the response.

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In some cases, reading the implementation code directly provides a clearer path to understanding for developers. Many modern web applicationsincluding those on phones, use REST. But with a code tutorial, you might have lengthy code samples that are followed by detailed explanations, and so on.

Given these differences and the likely possibility that you will have many novice or unfamiliar users, more extensive code tutorials and explanations are warranted.

Compile and run the program with the following class-path settings. Here, also include a list of links for sub-resources and other supported operations. It was simple, sweet, quick to implement and no issues until I stumbled across a fairly complicated project, where the front-end is so complex that I have to separate it with the back-end in order to keep my head on it.

The specific code examples have been extracted out into the right-column, while the narrative of the tutorial occupies in the middle column.

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